Saturday, May 28, 2011

Japan: All templed out....

Our room during our stay at Shunkoin Temple.

Shunkoin temple.  Beautiful right?

Today we moved from our hotel in southern Kyoto to Shunkoin Temple in northern Kyoto.  We spent two nights in this beautiful Zen Buddhist temple.  The room was very basic but the temple complex was gorgeous.  The temple is run by an English speaking Japanese monk and his wife.  Interestingly enough, they're both from Seattle.  By this time I've seen my fill of temples but when are we going to get a chance to see them again.  So we finished our stay in Kyoto by visiting the Imperial Palace, Nishiki food market, the golden pavillion Ginkakuji, and the Geisha district of Gion.  Now it's off to Osaka.  Enjoy the pictures everyone.  :)
Some schoolgirls enjoying an ice cream break at Ginkakuji temple.

The gates of Ninnaji Temple.

Ninnaji again.

The main shrine at Ninnaji.

Chantra making another prayer.  She just loves to ring those bells.

Off to Ginkakuji.

The golden pavillion.

Cute old people!  ;)

Hongangi Temple.

Hongangi Temple grounds with Kyoto Tower in the back ground.

Nishiki Food Market.

An alley in Gion full of bars.

The river front on another cold wet day.


Gion.  Didn't see any Geishas though.

The gates of the Imperial Palace.

One of the many reception halls of the Imperial Palace.

The imperial gardens.

Another spot in the imperial gardens.

Japan: Beef! Beef! Beef!

Chinatown in Kobe.

Man, McDonalds really is everywhere.

The entrance to Chinatown.

Just some tagging.
So today was me and the wifey's 3rd wedding anniversary.  So what did we do you ask?  Get Kobe beef of course!  I've only had Kobe beef once in my life but that memory is still as vivid today as it was the day I first tasted this most delectable piece of cow.  Kobe beef, a brand of Wagyu beef that is known all over the world as the king of steak.  75 dollars for a tiny 200 gram piece of the most fatty, savory, delicious piece of melt in your mouth goodness you'll ever taste, and worth every penny too!  If you ever come to the Kansai region of Japan, it would be a crime, A CRIME I say, to leave without having tasted this sinfully delicious dish.  Oh and on a side note, we also saw Fushimi Inari shrine.  Tons of torii gates and a pretty cool temple.  But the day was really about BEEF!
Look at that perfect even marbling. 

Our chef.

The completed meal.

Cute!  And he's taking the train by himself.

Not sure what these are but it was a cool picture.

The path through Fushimi Inari Shrine.

Loved these paper cranes.

Man Chantra got some hops!