Monday, February 28, 2011

The Muslim Salah, Thunder Storms, and Fish that Clean your Feet.

O.K. So Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Great city.  Relatively clean and efficient for a city in South East Asia.  They even have the beginnings of a public rail system.  Kind of slow but much better than anything they have in Vietnam of Cambodia.  The weather is either hot or muggy, although  most of the time it's hot and muggy.  I've never been to a muslim country before so there were some things I wasn't used to.  For instance, the Burqa (the full covering that some of the women wear) and the Salah (muslim prayer).  It took some getting used to but after a while I found the Salah, to be rather soothing.  I think they broadcast the prayer over load speakers or something like that because that rhythmic ethereal prayer can be heard all over the city several times a day.  The one thing that I found refreshing about KL is that the people are used to tourists so they don't stress you too much about buying their wares.  It's not like Vietnam where everybody is super agressive and they shove all manner of trinkets and products into your face. 

Me and the wife finally made our way down to China Town.  And as expected, China Town was super dirty and gritty.  Streets full of hawkers trying to sale knock offs.  I was looking at a back pack for 200 ringot and thought it was too expensive, so I started to walk away and the guy was like "65!".  From 200 to 65?! seriously?  Anyways, the food there was fantastic.  Man chinese food in America has nothing on the stuff here.  We sat down at a street side stall for a bowl of hot spicy egg noodles with tiny anchovies and fish balls.  Man that stuff was good.  About half way through our meal a storm rolled in.  And when I say storm, I mean a torrential down fall complete with blinding flashes of lightning and deafening cracks of thunder.  So in a couple of hours, when the rain died down a little and the thunder and lightning had moved on, we made a break for the train station.  By the time we made it home we were soaked through and through.  It was a good day though.  It was actually pretty fun getting running through the rain with the wifey.

The next day we decided to relax and came across this shop that offered a strange sort of foot massage.  30 Ringots to dip your feet in a tank full of tiny fish, about the size of a gold fish but longer, that eat all the dead skin and loose particles off your feet!  How cool is that!  It was pretty ticklish and you can feel their mouth parts working on your skin but after wards my feet felt as clean as they've ever been.  Well, now its time to say good bye to Malaysia and hello to Singapore!  pictures to follow. 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Clay pot spicy Laksa

Curry Mee with Roti

Chantra eating some kind of fried dough

Spicy Pan Mee.  Spicy broth, minced pork, achovies, fish balls, black wood ear fungus, flat egg noodles.  Delicious.  Especially in the middle of a thunder storm.

Give a monk a donation and get a blessing in return.  Thats gotta be good karma right?

KL from KL Tower.  Thats Petronas Tower in the distance.


My hot wife.

Islamic Art Museum

Mural about the spread of Islam.

KL city center.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

13 hrs to Hong Kong, 3 hrs to Singapore, and 1 hr to Kuala Lumpur (and about 6 hrs worth of lay overs) and we're finally at our first destination.  A couple of bus/train rides later and we finally get to our hotel at about 2100, only to discover that the hotel has given away our room.  So you know what that means... UPGRADE!  We got a top floor suite!  We get cleaned up, wash 18 hrs worth of sweat and grime off and head out into town.  Our first taste of Malaysia, a quirky little street side eatery that was a weird amalgam of street vendor/hookah lounge/bar/karoke open mic night.  Strange as it was, I gotta admit that the Laksa was pretty good.  1 bowl:  4 malaysian ringot, or about a little more than a dollar. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011


After saying one last good bye to our families, we hugged our dogs, hopped in the car, and headed to SFO.  With just two packs filled with anxiety and excitement, we begin our journey.  Let's hope it's a good one!  Next stop:  Singapore.