Friday, July 8, 2011

South Korea: Seoul

I know it's been a while folks, but that's because mainland China has a crazy amount of media censorship.  You can't get on any kind of social networking website.  Forget about Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter.  I couldn't even access my blogger account.  That being said here are the final pictures from South Korea.  South Korea was fun and the food was fantastic.  Most of the locals we met were really friendly.  And although we stayed in "love hotels" the rooms were clean and the staff extremely helpful.  Also, I've never been to a place where alcohol is so cheap.  A bottle of Soju is a dollar.  A dollar people!  Unfortunately that meant many a morning hang over for yours truly.  Anyways enjoy the pictures. 

A fantastic alley near our hotel that served some great food.

Korea's version of McDonald's.  And yes, that is a Bulgogi burger.

This is what happens when a bottle of Soju is only a dollar. 

This guys BBQ spot was delicious and cheap.

A funny ad.  Can you figure out what it's advertising?

Lantern's at a beautiful temple in the heart of Seoul.  And admission was free.

Korean's must like Vietnamese food.  This was one of several restaurants we came across in Seoul.


Some goodies from the local mall's food court.  Why can't we get food like this at American malls. 

We came across this guy in the subway singing Spanish music.  A Spanish street performer in Seoul!  How random is that!

We visited a Korean folk village. 

What a cutie.

Green onions and pieces of octopus all fried up in one delicious omelet. 

Another night of Korean BBQ.

Now this was an interesting dish.  It's some kind of soup that's served cold with crushed ice.  Trust me I thought it was weird too but it actually tasted pretty good.  It went well with the heat of the BBQ.

Fried rice Korean style.  Delicious.  Plus the owner shaped it like a heart for me and the wifey.

The Korean Imperial Palace.  Man it was hot that day.

My wifey lookin oh so fine!

I guess this is some kind of kids game.  Couldn't figure out the rules though.

A recreation of a Korean town in the 1950s.

The gate at Bongwonsa temple.

A beautiful painting at Bongwonsa.

I'm really digging the lanterns if you can't tell.

The Seoul sky line from Bongwonsa Temple.

Some equestrian acrobats.

And she hit the bulls eye.

She looked beautiful in her traditional Han Bok

Some more performers.  I think they were doing a traditional drum dance or something like that. 

Me and Chantra really liked this performance.  Lot's acrobatics and great costumes.  Loved the hats too.

Just a field of wheat.  Thought it was a cool picture.

A bunch of kids in a cart getting pulled along by a donkey. 


A traditional Korean wedding.  Beautiful dress.

The bride.

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